Remember when ESPN used to be all about sports? Those were the days. Now ESPN is a toxic mixture of leftist politics, cultural commentary, and sports. Jemele Hill is fast becoming the new face of ESPN and it's leftward march. Instead of observing 9/11 the way most would, Hill took to Twitter to rant against President Trump. She called Trump a white supremacist and said that if Trump weren't white, he never would have been elected.

What if a conservative personality on ESPN would have said, "Obama was only elected because he was black". a few years ago? ESPN would have fired them fast. In fact, ESPN has gotten rid of many personalities whose politics were to the right.

ESPN has decided they are a liberal sports network for liberals. If you are a Trump supporter, a Republican, a Conservative, Jemele Hill's ESPN doesn't want you. ESPN won't fire Hill, for many reasons, and maybe they shouldn't. But if Hill is allowed to spew her ignorance on Twitter, conservatives should feel free to speak out too at ESPN and they don't.

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