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Don't Panic!

According to POLITICO, a memo sent to supporters of Hillary Clinton from the campaign urges them not to panic about recent news events and polls.

 “Winning campaigns have a plan and stick to it, in good times and bad. President Obama endured significant pressure in 2007 to abandon Iowa and ultimately prevailed,” campaign manager Robby Mook wrote in the six-page memo distributed by communications director Jennifer Palmieri to “Interested Parties,” according to the document published by Vox on Wednesday.

The memo comes as Clinton faces softening polling numbers, a summer surge by independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and fresh concerns about to what extent her emails contained classified information. On Tuesday, Clinton agreed to hand over her private computer server and several thumb drives containing thousands of emails to the FBI.

In the memo, distributed on Monday, Mook offers few specifics on how Clinton plans to overcome these difficulties — but uses the occasion to bash her would-be Republican rivals.

“It’s difficult to overstate how damaged the GOP brand is, as a majority of Americans view the Republican Party as out of date and out of touch. Their increasingly backwards agenda was on full display at last week’s debate,” Mook wrote, calling the party out of touch with the middle class, African Americans, Hispanics, women, LGBT Americans and millennials.

The Clinton campaign can attack Republicans all they want but the fact remains that the damage to the Clinton campaign has come from one person. Hillary Clinton. Democrats have shown no enthusiasm for Clinton at all. Bernie Sanders is outworking Hillary and Democrats are taking notice of that.

UT to Remove Statue

According to, the University of Texas will remove the statue of Jefferson Davis and relocate it to a museum.

While the Davis statue is headed for the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, several other Confederate symbols across the campus -- including statues of Robert E. Lee and Albert Sidney Johnston, a Confederate general -- will remain in place, Fenves said. The university may add a plaque near the prominent Littlefield Fountain to explain the context of the statues, he said.

The key difference between Davis and the rest, Fenves said, is their ties to Texas.

"While every historical figure leaves a mixed legacy, I believe Jefferson Davis is in a separate category, and that it is not in the university's best interest to continue commemorating him on our Main Mall," Fenves said. "Davis had few ties to Texas; he played a unique role in the history of the American South that is best explained and understood through an educational exhibit."

Moving the Davis statue and keeping the remaining statues along the Main Mall is "both respectful of the heritage that is important to many and serves as a poignant display of our nation's and university's history," Fenves said.

The decision comes after thousands had signed an online petition to take down the Davis statue and a 12-member panel of students, faculty, alumni and administrators recommended either moving or altering Davis and the other statues.

A statue of Woodrow Wilson, which stands next to Davis in front of the school's iconic tower, will also be moved to "preserve the symmetry of the Main Mall." The Wilson statue will remain on campus in another location, Fenves said.

UT officials will begin to remove the statue on Friday. I still believe that this is a pretty dumb idea and that officials are giving in to a silly PC movement. Will we remove everything that offends some people at UT? Where does it stop?

My prediction is that like all liberal social movements, this will never stop. They will come for the other statues soon. Just wait.

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