Thursday on The Chad Hasty Show, a listener call about President Obama's recognition of the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown led to Chad talking about the events leading up to the current anti-police attitude in the nation, and how the 'Black Lives Matter' movement exacerbates those attitudes.

Hasty talked about recent killings that have hit close to home, with the murder of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth, and now the apparent murder of Abilene Police Officer Don Allen at his home in Clyde, Texas.

Hasty talked about how the media has taken an almost indifferent attitude towards these recent occurrences, reporting mainly on other far less important 'news' stories, rather than where the news actually is, with possibly three murderers of an officer in Illinois still on the loose, and numerous other occurrences of violence against, and murders of law enforcement officers in other locations.

Talking about how he sees the current attitudes of the media, and how coverage is being skewed to politically-correct angles, Hasty said,

More black people die at the hands of black men, than at the hands of police officers. But you don't hear 'Black Lives Matter' talking about that. You don't see them marching in Chicago or Detroit. And I know I've brought this up, but you don't see any of that. Instead, it's all about this supposed epidemic of police violence that is out there. As a society we have lost our minds so much that we care about an illegal alien who almost killed a Lubbock Police officer, we care about him so much, that we're mad that he got kicked in the face.

Listen to the rest of Chad's thoughts the video box above.

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