Imagine Lubbock Together and early voting were the hot topics for callers of the Friday edition of the Chad Hasty Show.

On an "Open Line Friday," Armando called in to give his thoughts on the Imagine Lubbock Together campaign. He said that all the campaign wants to do in use the City of Lubbock's money to fund all of their ideas. While Chad agreed that he didn't want to see taxpayer's money to fund these projects, he added that it was important to get involved in the process. According to Chad, if you never bring your ideas forward, like lower taxes or commercial development, no one else will bring them forward for you.

Armando also complained about smaller cities, such as Idalou and Wolfforth, getting only 3 hours to early vote because Lubbock is stingy and keeping those places open all day would cost too much money. However, our next caller Pat countered him by saying on election day, November 6th, all the polling places would be open all day long. Chad added that people need to make it a point to go early and vote, no matter how long the polls are open for.

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