Campaign season is in full swing and one of the more hotly contested primaries in the Lubbock area, is in the Republican primary race for House District 84. That seat is being vacated by Representative John Frullo who announced he would not be seeking reelection. Frullo's announcement surprised many and opened the door for four Republican candidates to announce their campaigns.

Carl Tepper, former Chairman of the Lubbock County Republican Party, joined The Chad Hasty Show on Tuesday evening to discuss his campaign and his desire to take on property tax reform in Austin. Tepper said it wouldn't be an easy battle but he is passionate about bringing true reforms and saving Texas taxpayers money. One area that Tepper thought would be impactful is capping further the appraisals on homes.

My concern has been skyrocketing appraisals. I got beat up in a forum today, it was one of those interviews by a business group. But I would like to cap appraisals, now they are capped now. If it's your home, you are capped at 10% a year for appraisal increase which we don't see a lot in Lubbock, Texas but we do in big cities. And it's starting to happen here. We are starting to see wildly fluctuating appraisals. I would like to lower the cap on your homestead to 2.5% a year, and then introduce a cap on rental and commercial properties.

Tepper went on to discuss other issues that could face the Texas Legislature including rural broadband.

Listen to the entire interview above.

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