It appears as though what was at one time a sure thing, is now collapsing right in front of our eyes.

On Monday, state Senator Jeff Wentworth tried again to get the votes necessary for SB 354, the campus carry bill, but again it failed to hit the magic number of 21 supporters. Many have said this legislation is wounded and not dead, but in my opinion it's on life support.

We have now seen Senators deciding to look out for their own interests instead of what is the will of the people. Texans overwhelmingly support campus carry. They know that only licensed CHL holders would be allowed to carry on campuses. They understand that CHL holders as a whole are responsible and mature gun owners. Most Texans aren't giving in to the scare tactics that University administrators throw out there.

If you want this legislation to pass, you need to start sending emails and making calls to State Senators. Be respectful, get to the point, and then hang up. They need to hear from you, the people, not just the University Presidents and Chancellors.

If you don't call and speak your mind than this legislation is dead.

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