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I really like getting a good deal, so I really love Buck-A-Ride Night at South Plains Fair, which is Thursday, September 22nd this year. Rides are obviously only $1, but there's way more savings in store.

In addition to the inexpensive ride price, Buck-A-Ride also means there's no parking fee or gate charge all day and all night. So what's the drawback?

Some food vendors will be closed, and the show floors (like the animals, quilts, etc.) will not be open. So, no, you won't the full fair experience, but you will get a whole lot for very little.

My tactic has been the same every year: ride the rides on Buck-A-Ride Night, then come back on another date and take my time enjoying the charming, folksy stuff about the fair like the games, prize-winning pumpkins and pickles, animal petting zoo, and, of course, the full range of food.

Shoutout to Shriners Corndogs, those are the homeboys. Jon (on the right, below) is our station engineer who keeps us on the air.

South Plains Fair
Justin Massoud, Townsquare Media Lubbock

What else do you need to know? Starting this year, South Plains Fair is instituting a clear bag policy. Make sure you can keep your essentials in a pocket or have a clear bag ready to rock for the items you need.

There's other ways to save, too. The Megapass returns and it's a great option for folks who are ride fanatics and people who plan on riding rides on multiple days. Another way to save is to get to the fair early during the week to avoid parking and gate admission. This is a good tactic for folks whose favorite ride at the fair is the same as mine: the food. You can park and get in free for a delicious lunch if you get there before 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For more information or to purchase a Megapass, head over to the South Plains Fair website.

Panhandle South Plains Fair 2022 Rides

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