Today on Lubbock's First News, Brandon and Pam Smith along with Debby Ford informed us of their unique inn located in Seagraves, Texas.

Atmosphere is everything in this 97 year old inn, and relaxation is one of the biggest attractions. A golf course, museum, and casino are all located nearby "but mostly people that come say they just have not felt that relaxed in such a long time. It's just a good place to come relax, get a good night's sleep, and enjoy the peacefulness," Pam Smith explained. Ford added that "We're really good at spoiling." A bar is also part of the inn and serves craft beer, such as cask ale imported from England and 5 other beers, as well as wine from France, Spain, and California. When asked about their craft beers, Brandon Smith explained "craft beer, if you can think of micro-brews, if you've ever heard that term, is beer that's produced on a much smaller scale and typically has more flavor than what you would find in your mass produced American Lagers these days." Homemade cream soda from scratch is also a favorite. Free samples are offered.

To get a hold of Simpson Inn, call (806) 387-3673. Listen to Lubbock's First News for your chance to win some free nights at Simpson Inn.

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