Scott Braddock, Editor of Quorum Report, joined The Chad Hasty Show on Thursday to discuss some of the items making headlines in Texas. Just a couple of hours before Braddock joined Hasty, Julian Castro announced that he would be ending his Presidential campaign. While Castro's campaign was a failure, Braddock told the audience not to discount what Castro may have brought to the Democrat Debate.

Braddock discussed how many former candidates for the Presidency have gone on to have careers that have impacted the political world. Braddock brought up that Castro had moved the needle inside the Democrat party on immigration and poverty.

There is still some speculation that Castro could wind up on someone's shortlist for Vice President or even end up serving in the cabinet if a Democrat wins the White House in 2020.

Braddock also discussed the Bloomberg campaign moves in Texas and more. Listen to the full interview above with Scott Braddock of Quorum Report.

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