This video is epic in its simplicity and nails a really big sentiment, so you gotta love it.

Growing up, every night was an iced tea ritual at our house. Mom would make hot tea, dad would fill the pitcher with ice, measure the sugar just right and then add a little fresh lemon. With or without lemon, there's nothing like a good homemade glass if sweet iced tea.

I have to admit, since I have made an effort to trim calories and don't go in for the artificial sweeteners, I have learned to drink the unsweet stuff and even like it. But truth be told, of course, sweet tea is the best! And it's an old-school tradition.

As for coffee, I like my coffee black and straight up, like my mom drank it. I'm pretty sure that's old-school and adding all the stuff makes it a modern-age, new-school creation.

Fun fact: The oldest known sweet tea recipe was published in 1879.

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