Okay, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for this, but I don't have it.

I was sent this video by a friend, the same friend who helped me with the "How to Survive the Ojo" story. The start of the video may be the best ghost video I've ever seen.

The video was captured by a Ring Camera on a windy day. The camera obviously sensed some motion and began filming. What you see in the video will haunt you. You will watch it over and over. You will show it to your friends. You will say, "hey, uh, wait a minute..."

Am I overselling it? We constantly have ghost shows on TV and they constantly find nothing. Those shows are a bunch of people saying, "what was that?" and you never really see or hear what they hear. In this video, you will see SOMETHING.

This "ghost" probably doesn't mean any harm. It may have just been dropping by to sell some steak knives or to see if the homeowner wants their lawn mowed, but you pretty clearly will see a phantom image come towards the door, then cut a sharp left, possibly after seeing a "No Soliciting," "Beware of Dog" or "Ghostbusters Live Here" sign.

I've shown this video around and no one can explain it. We can't quite figure out what this ghost is carrying, either. Keep in mind that all the action happens in about the first eight seconds, but the rest of the video has some very creepy sounds.

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