On Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Ben Ferguson, host of "The Ben Ferguson Show" and political contributor for FOX News, joined Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew to discuss last night's speeches at the Republican National Convention.

Ferguson said that everyone at last night's convention was pumped up and excited, a stark contrast from the McCain campaign 4 years ago. He said that New Jersey governor Chris Christie's speech last night was "electric," and really got the crowd fired up in a big way. Ferguson was also impressed by the speech from Ann Romney, wife of presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and said that she did a great job for her husband.

I'm glad she said I'm not going to apologize for my husband's success, and Mitt Romney's got to embrace that. He's a successful guy. I'm jealous of him. I wish I could be as successful as him...and when she said, "You don't want your kids to grow up to be average." No mother says "I hope you have an avaerage day and you get average grades and you get an average job," and I think that really hit home with a lot of Americans.

Looking forward to tonight's speeches, Ferguson said that VP nominee Paul Ryan will be "the speech" of the evening. According to Ferguson, both Ryan and his speech need to be "larger than life," much like Christie was last night.

For more information on "The Ben Ferguson Show," visit his website at benfergusonshow.com.

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