As a society, we put a lot of faith and trust into pharmacists and pharmacies. But they are human and are prone to mistakes just like any of us.

As someone who is on long-term medication, I rarely checked my pills. I figure I have been on them for a long time and they are sure to be right. But what happens when they aren't. Your body will tell you! Don't ignore it, it could save your health or even your life.

I happened to have a medication mix up. The pharmacy I use gave me a different medication.

That medication did cause me some problems related to the side-effects, and my body did warn me about it. But I didn't listen until it was almost too late.

If I would have taken a few minutes to double check my pills, the issues I experienced and the cost of a doctors visit could have been avoided.

I am not angry with the pharmacy or the pharmacist who filled my order. As I said before, they are human as well. I am just glad it was a few days of irritation and no sleep versus something much worse.

If you need to check your medication you can go to and use their pill identifier tool to make sure you are getting what you are supposed to get. And of course, you can always ask your doctor or pharmacist. And never stop taking any medication unless your doctor tells you to do so.


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