The Democrat-led House passed H.R. 1 on Friday by a party line vote of 234-193. The piece of legislation is the top item on the Democrats policy agenda. Democrats say H.R. 1 is the most sweeping campaign finance and voting rights legislation seen in years. Republicans have a different view of H.R. 1.

Congressman Jody Arrington voted against the legislation and in a press release said the legislation was an attempt by Democrats to "seize control" of elections.

“The Democrats are putting the government in control of our lives one piece of legislation at a time. After introducing a government takeover of our entire economy with their ninety-trillion dollar Green New Deal, Democrats now want to seize control of our elections from the states and infringe on our free speech,” said Arrington.  


“The Constitution gives states - NOT the federal government – the responsibility to set the times, places, and manner of elections. As if it couldn’t get any worse, H.R. 1 subsidizes politicians, weaponizes the Federal Election Commission, and forces states to give felons the right to vote.


“Watching Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats lead ‘The People’s House’ reminds me of what Will Rogers once said: ‘There are some people running governments who shouldn't be allowed to play with matches.’”    

Arrington and other Republican lawmakers have dubbed H.R. 1 the "Democrat Politician Protection Act". Along with H.R. 1, House Democrats voted to defend cities that allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections.

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