A recent trend on TikTok has left me absolutely shocked.

The trend involves people going out to restaurants and bars, and stealing from them. What are they stealing? Anything they think is cool that is placed on their table.

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A lot of the stuff shown in the videos is really cool drink wear, like a wine glass shaped like a rose, or other fun cocktail glasses. Other stuff includes various utensils, like the original video of Cris Klemens, a YouTuber and influencer that made a video about stealing a fork. The audio from Klemens’ video is now what is being used for all the posts involved with the trend.

I never knew that there was such a large population that just steals from the establishments they go to. It’s honestly kind of sad that people think it's okay to do that.

I understand that most of the videos made in this trend are just joking, but I am sure some of them are actually stealing things. It also is one of those trends that you hope kids aren't seeing and getting influenced by.

There is even a user that has a warning poster up at an establishment for stealing their cup. The bar even gave him a plastic cup when they recognized who he was and didn’t want him stealing from them again.

The audio from the trend is fortunately being used in other ways as well. Many of the videos outside of the stealing trend use it when they see something they really want to buy at a store, about adopting a pet or picking a significant other.

Most TikTok trends are innocent and fun, but I don’t think encouraging stealing is a great idea. So, I’m glad to see that people are also making positive videos under the same trend’s audio.

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