Lubbock is an island. For that reason, we can easily decide what happens here.

Did you know that a lot of things used to be test-marketed in Lubbock? It was because we are a bit of an island and a product could be introduced in the area and the impact could be easily tracked or judged. The very same reasons that made Lubbock a test market are the same reasons why we could solve a lot of problems if we chose to.

I've really harped on the fact that Lubbock could easily solve its pet population problems. All we have to do is decide we can spay or neuter enough pets that the pet population growth stays at zero or below. Did you know that sometimes Lubbock flies pets to other areas? That's because they've done what we needed to do.

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Nationally, there's a huge blood shortage and that, of course, tracks locally. We could solve this problem and become an exporter of blood if we tried. Everybody has blood and most can donate. All it really takes is to get in the habit of doing it.

I personally donate three or four times a year and I actually look forward to the cookies and Cokes in the break room. One tiny little stick and I'm saving lives and having a free snack.

Someone you know is going to need blood. You could make sure there's blood to have by donating now. This could be "your thing" in the world, the good that you do. Heck, I'm going to make it easy, you could make an appointment here right now.  If you want to go from hero to superhero, see if you can't arrange a blood drive for your work, church or other organization.

Think about it, we could whip the blood shortage thing, then maybe get the pet thing done, then maybe make sure people have heat when it's cold, and so on. Just one person and one problem at a time and we can change this town.

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