Another day, another scam hitting the South Plains. We learned of this one from our media partners at Everything Lubbock.

This one was a little odd to say the least, and the red warning flags were flapping about everywhere.

The scam artist called a Lubbock woman telling her that she had a warrant for not going to Grand Jury Duty and that she would have to pay a $1,000 fine or risk going to jail for 3 days.

The scammer told the woman that he needed to know her location, what she would be driving and that she should go to a CVS with cash.

"He said I had to stay on the line with him while they sent the Sheriff's Department out. So he wanted to know where I was and what I was driving and where I would be and when I would show up at CVS with the money. He said we then had to take it to the Sheriff's Office. So I'm guessing he was planning on robbing me once I got to CVS,"

This was a set-up for a robbery, plain and simple.

Remember: the sheriff will never call you if you have a warrant; they will just show up. (I mean, come on -- think about it. Why would they warn you? The element of surprise is much stronger.) And you would never pay a fine anywhere but the courthouse.

Fortunately, the would-be victim did not comply with the scammer.

In conclusion, if it smells like a pig, and looks like a pig, it's a pig.

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