In a tough economy like ours, you would think that a booming business with tons of customers would be a cause for celebration. Well, turns out you can't please everyone.

The residents of a Washington town are fuming because their local Costco is being overrun by Canadian customers who are crossing the border to cash in on the lower prices.

Canadian residents are driving less than 30 miles across the U.S. border and taking full advantage of the favorable exchange rate when buying food, gas and other items. Right now, Canada’s dollar is much stronger than the U.S.’s. Gas is more than a buck less in the U.S., and milk is nearly $5 a gallon less.

Many British Colombia license plates have been popping up in the Costco lot, preventing locals from finding spots, according to many Bellingham residents. Videos have been posted to YouTube showing long lines at checkout and a mad dash for cheap American milk in the store.

Things have gotten so bad for local residents that they have started a Facebook page with the pleading title, “Bellingham Costco Needs a Special Time Just for Americans.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Don't we kind of do the same things in Canada with our prescription drugs?

Listen up, Washington: you've got people willing to come to our country, (legally, mind you...) spend their money, and help out our economy, and you're pitching a fit cause it's crowded and you can't find a decent parking spot? Get over yourselves. There's 49 other states out there who I'm betting would love to have your "problem."

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