On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Steve DeMaura, president of Americans for Job Security, talked with Chad and Rex about the Stop Online Piracy Act. (SOPA)

DeMaura explained that SOPA's intent is to try the change the way the Internet is regulated, something he feels doesn't really need to be changed.

"If there were ever a set of regulations that were working pretty well...it's those that govern the Internet."

DeMaura said that SOPA would penalize websites that link to other websites, a move that would severely hamper the way the Internet works. He said that, while online piracy is a major issue, this bill is not the way to solve it. DeMaura said that Congress is due to vote on the bill in a matter of weeks, and that everyone needs to be educated about this bill to prevent it from passing.

You can read my article, the Geek Girl Report, for more information about SOPA. You can also visit the Americans for Job Security website at savejobs.org.