Last week was a big week for the Internet. We saw thousands of different sites uniting together in order to stop a bill that would ruin the Internet as we know it. SOPA may be defeated (for now) but it seems the war between the government and the Internet is still raging on.

Case in point: Last Thursday, just one day after the major Internet "blackout" in protest of SOPA, the Department of Justice decided to take down the file-sharing site MegaUpload, claiming. Soon after that, the infamous "hack-tivist" group Anonymous launched an attack against the Justice Department's website, along with attacks on the FBI's website,, Universal Music and others. This attack was one of the largest the group has ever launched, mostly due in part to the thousands of unwitting participants.

This is horrible timing on the part of the government. You just had a major Internet protest on Wednesday. The Internet is on high alert right now, and you decide to pull one of the most popular sites off the web just like that? It just reassures my fears that people in the government have no clue how the Internet works. This is especially true of the people who thought up SOPA. Had it passed, it would have made sites that link back to other site illegal. How many of you click on links you see on other websites?

My point is this: if you want to try and regulate Internet, at least understand how the Internet works first.