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Always know what is happening around you and be ready to defend yourself if needed.
It doesn’t matter what city you are in or how safe you think your neighborhood is. Evil people who want to cause harm can be lurking anywhere. Take this story out of Lubbock, a woman went for a walk around the neighborhood she lives in, down the street from an elementary school. At about 9 a.m. she had a feeling that she was being watched and followed. That’s when she saw a man walking with a hat and mask on, following her. He crossed the street when she did.
He finally caught up to her, asked if she was scared and grabbed her from behind. Thankfully the woman was able to kick and scream away from him. She also was very smart. She knew to run to a home that had a Ring Doorbell so she and he would be caught on camera. She also used her Apple Watch to alert police that she was in trouble. Smart.
The good news? She is okay and she used her surroundings and technology to help. But it could have ended much worse. And that’s why I so believe that all of us should carry either a firearm or knife, or both even if you are just going for walk or taking out the trash. Know your surroundings and always be ready to defend yourself.
There are plenty of firearms and holster options that are still comfortable to wear even if you are going for a walk or run. The same goes for a knife. You don't have to carry a giant knife on you, just something that will work and that you are comfortable with.
While this young woman didn't have either on her, she was smart enough to know her surroundings. When you are out walking or running, pay attention to the homes and which homes have cameras. Pay attention to who else is out there as well. And if you have a smart watch that can quickly alert police, know how to work it.

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