Monday afternoon in Austin, newly elected Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced an amnesty for cupcakes in Texas public schools.

While, the press conference itself was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the reason behind it was not. Miller wanted to remind Texans that the 2004 Texas Public School Nutrition Policy has since been repealed.

"We want families, teachers and school districts in Texas to know the Texas Department of Agriculture has abolished all rules and guidelines that would stop a parent from bringing cupcakes to school," said Commissioner Miller stated last week. "This act is about providing local control to our communities."

Miller also said today, "I'm also granting full pardon to pies and cookies and brownies and homemade candies." He continued, "Texas will no longer keep (parents) from bringing cupcakes to your children's parties or celebrations at school."

The 84th Legislative Session starts Tuesday at the Capitol and Robert Pratt from Pratt on Texas will broadcast from the Capitol today and tomorrow (Tuesday) from 5pm-7pm. Commissioner Miller is expected to be a guest during one of the two days of shows.



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