You can listen to the full interview with Rep. James White below.

Texas State Representative James White of House District 19 joined The Chad Hasty Show across the Texas Townsquare Media Network on Wednesday evening to discuss the past Texas Legislative Session and what will come up during a Special Session. White also gave the listeners a hint about his own political future.

Governor Greg Abbott's office has already announced that the first special session will begin on July 8th.

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Regarding the veto of Article X dealing with legislature pay, White told The Chad Hasty Show that the Governor has the power to do what he did and White fully expected for the legislation to get to work during a special session and "close the deal on election integrity and other conservative legislation and we are going to fund article X".

White also told The Chad Hasty Show that Texas taxpayers need "strong, conservative property tax relief". White said he would like to see the Governor add that to a special session and that he has had conversations with the Governor about adding it to a special session and told the audience it was possible.

Recently, White announced that after six sessions in the Texas House, he would be retiring from the House. White then gave a hint about his political future and which office he may run for.

I hope and really think I'll be on the ballot again. I like the idea of being in the position to promote and protect Texas' number one largest industry in the state. We need all Texans fighting, promoting, and protecting our Texas Agriculture. Our Texas Agriculture, Chad, is under siege on the border from trans-national gangs, under siege from all types federal overreach and regulation, under siege from the economic market cartels that are driving down prices of our farmers and ranchers where they can't make the money they deserve. We need Texans fighting and promoting and protecting our Texas Agriculture and I hope I'm in a position in the future to do that.

Shortly after the interview, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan tweeted out his support of White.

Current Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced this week that he would seek reelection.

Listen to the entire interview with Rep. James White above.

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