Roberts County, located in the Texas Panhandle, voted as the most pro-Trump county in Texas and the U.S. in the 2016 election. 95% of the votes cast in Roberts County for president in 2016 were for Donald Trump.

ABC News on Wednesday released a long-form report chronicling a series of interviews, conducted over the past year, with the residents of Roberts County and Miami, Texas.

The people interviewed by Amna Nawaz, from ABC News, explained why they were/are pro-Trump particularly because of promises of tax reform, border control and repealing the Estate Tax.

“Donald Trump showed a great strength,” Steve Porter said in June to ABC News. “A great powerful person for the American people first. First in immigration, first in jobs, first in everything. And I realized that we needed a president who believed America was great. Greater than all other countries.”

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ABC News

The feature intersperses ABC News clips of the big events of 2017, in between the interviews with the residents of Roberts County.

Mayor Chad Breeding, of Miami, told ABC News it would be great to get rid of the Estate Tax. "A lot of people don't really have a lot of wealth, as like dollar bills in their pocket, (in rural parts of the country) but they have a lot of wealth built up in land, that they've inherited,” he said.

Nawaz ends the nearly 40-minute long report with this: "So what did we see during our year in Roberts County? Well, a tight knit community in a quiet, and frankly, beautiful corner of the country. But the generations that came before matter just as much as the ones ahead.

"See, that's what led so many people to vote for Donald Trump in the first place. He offered them a chance to preserve this way of life, or possibly even make it a little bit better. President Trump's first year may have been uncertain for some communities in America, but the fact is, this wasn't one of them. Life in Roberts County doesn't change much over time. And for people who live here, that suits them just fine," concluded Nawaz.

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