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Have you ever wanted to own your own town? The ghost town of Lobo, Texas is for sale and the asking price isn't too bad.

Located off Highway 90 just south of Van Horn and before Valentine sits the ghost town of Lobo in West Texas. The 10-acre town is currently owned by 10 friends from Germany who bought the town as an escape from busy city life. According to the Houston Chronicle, upkeep on the town has become too much and now the group wants to sell Lobo for $100,000.

Alexander Bardorff and his friends purchased the town in 2001 and began rebuilding to "get away from the busy city life and relax in the country." For the last 22 years, they have used the land to host several art, short film and music events, including the Desert Dust Cinema Film Festival. "It kind of like, just happened," Bardorff told Marfa Public Radio. "It wasn't really the plan we started out, but it sort of developed into that."

Lobo wasn't always so lonely. At one time, over 100 people called Lobo home and it was a bustling farming community. But according to the Houston Chronicle, in the 1980's the aquifer was pumped dry and by 1991 the town of Lobo had been completely abandoned.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The sellers want to avoid selling to people who want to use the property for water rights, grazing lands, or as an investment. They want the buyers to be committed and involved. There will be an open house of sorts over Memorial Day weekend. You can also get more information about the sale, here.

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