I had the opportunity to visit Denver, Colorado recently and was pleasantly surprised to find it beautiful, clean and very artistic.

I didn't rent a car, so I walked and walked and walked all over downtown Denver. It had just snowed, so everything, except the roads, was beautifully covered in a white blanket. Denver knows how to clear their streets and sidewalks after a snow, so driving and walking weren't a problem at all.

I found out that the world exclusive 20th Century Cartier jewelry exhibit was on display at the Denver Art Museum.  Absolutely stunning jewelry, precious gems and craftsmanship made for celebrities and royalty world wide throughout the 20th century. And they let me take video!

Jacqui Neal

The standouts for me for Denver are the architecture and homelessness.  You can't turn in any direction downtown in Denver without seeing breathtaking architecture, old and new.  You also can't turn in any direction in downtown without seeing a homeless person.

The homeless population is abundant. The most popular signs held up by homeless individuals solicit food, money and weed. Very different from Lubbock.

Denver is also known for their craft beers and great food -- from BBQ to upscale cuisine.

I had breakfast at The Delectable Egg off Broadway and 13th St for breakfast or brunch.  Outstanding, local and fresh!

If you're into juicing, there's also an exceptional juice bar in front of the Art Museum.

For dinner, we tried an Italian restaurant called Brio Tuscan Grille at 2500 East 1st St. I had the filet medallions with toasted gorgonzola cheese and mushroom sauce. My husband had the shrimp and lobster ravioli and just raved about it.

The only other time I had been to Denver was when I was eight years old. I was there with my mom and step dad, and we took the tram up to the top of Pikes Peak. I passed out from the lack of oxygen and was revived, only to throw up in the chili of a nice man sitting next to me in the restaurant.

This trip was so much better than that one was.

Enjoy the video above, and when you get a chance, enjoy Denver.