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The next full moon with happen on November 8th, colloquially known as the "Beaver Moon" because it was an ideal time to catch an active beaver population before swamps froze. Boy, is that old-timey.

This particular Beaver Moon will also be a Blood Moon in North America, parts of South America, Asia, Australia and parts of the Pacific, as it will be a visible total lunar eclipse in these areas. A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon falls completely under the Earth's shadow, giving it that beautiful blood red hue.

The eclipse will be visible for 85 minutes starting at 3:09 a.m., so if you want to see it, you'll have to get up really early or stay up really late. Folks on the east coast will miss the ending of the eclipse as the dawn will interrupt their viewing.

Apparently, you'll also be able to see a dim Uranus 2 degrees east of the eclipsed Beaver Moon. Why are you laughing? Is it something I said?

I checked the forecast and so far it appears that we in Lubbock should be able to see the eclipse, as it's only indicating a few clouds that morning. Of course, if its overcast you'll be better off going back to bed.

Many ancient cultures saw Blood Moons as ominous portents, but modern practitioners of Astrology see them as, "harbingers of change," so not doom or death per se, but what death means metaphorically- the end of a cycle in one's life.

I remember the last lunar eclipse I witnessed in Lubbock. I sat in my front yard watching the cars whiz down University (I have since moved from that area). It was a beautiful experience to allow myself so much passive and relaxed time- the cars heightening the contrast between their movement and my stillness. Was the eclipsed moon a magical celestial event? It certainly felt that way.

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