Building the machine. Piece by piece. Post by post. Audio and video.

Evolving the content. Lots of research on my end; lots of input on your end.

Growing the scope. Slow and easy wins the race and I'm in for the Long Haul.

I want this to be undeniably different than anything else, thus my distinct brand of providing "info-tainment" daily.

A basic goal in mind for leaving the audience with something intellectually stimulating to chew on each day. I call it "Brain Candy". All you can eat. Gluten-free.

This is the mission for this blue-eyed Lubbock kid beyond filling in and moving on after the "McDermott & Martin Show"; humble beginnings that spawned out of the highly-touted Chad Hasty Show.

Let's start off with one of the basic mantras I use often on the show: "Bring your 'A' game". It is the Core of what I believe great radio (and media) ought to be.

It means that, prior to texting or calling in, the host and the audience has done their due diligence, checked their sources, honed their facts and have the bottom-line point that needs to be brought to the table; leaving all emotional noise behind. Feelings do NOT trump facts here. No siree Bob.

It makes all of the difference - versus the meandering "working it out aloud as I go" method that seems to be most media these days. Especially in the realm of News/Talk.

Broadcast air-time is primo real estate and I want to spend as much of it as possible interacting with the audience: the loyal and enduring KFYO Krew instead of plodding through the attempted genesis of a thought, idea or point.

Best of all, this "A" Game standard keeps everyone, including and especially me, on their toes! It's the best of us, bringing the best, debating and discussing the best, to arrive at the best resolution. And that's pretty much what it's all about on "McDermott At-Large".

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - even if it hurts ME! At the end of each day, I'll do either a summary of the show here or a deeper dive on the topic(s) we covered but couldn't really finish.

See y'all at 830am CST for the West Texas view looking out of the World Window.


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