Lubbock is a great place to eat, relax, and have fun. But did you also know that there are some great places to get culture? Lubbock is a great place to check out museums, art, and parks that just scream Lubbock Culture. Here are five that come to mind with a bonus for kids. 

Museum of Texas Tech University 

One of the places I love to go with my wife when I do not have kids is the Museum of Texas Tech. It is a great place to take kids too, but I love the quiet reflection you feel there. They always have great art and history exhibits that are always there, and some that get changed out on a regular basis. It is nearly always quiet, it is free to visit, and you can enjoy culture from Lubbock, Texas, and around the world. For the current exhibits check their website here. 

The Ranching Heritage Center 

Another great place that will really give you a taste of Lubbock and the Llano Estacado is the Ranching Heritage Center. It is another free location full of history, but this time it is all about Ranching. They have quite a few galleries, including “Guns that Shaped the West.” It is a lot of fun and every person living in Lubbock should go at least once. Here is a list of their current exhibits on their website here. 

Buddy Holly Center 

The Buddy Holly Center is another place that you should not miss. It brings fans of Buddy Holly from around the world to see the collection of memorabilia they have collected. They also have exhibits that change so it will not always be the same. Unlike the first two it does cost ten dollars for general admission, but don’t let that deter you from having the experience. Just west of the Buddy Holly Center is the West Texas Walk of Fame, and it is free to the public. 

Lubbock Arboretum 

I love Arboretum’s. Lubbock is not as big as some that I have been to, but they take good care of it, and it is a nice place to go and relax. It is especially beautiful in the spring. Lubbock Arboretum is located in Clapp Park, and it is free to visit.  

First Friday Art Trail 

This is a little different from the other places on the list because it only happens once a month, but as they say on their website, “Held from 6-9pm, rain or shine, on the first Friday of every month.” If you are in Lubbock when the First Friday Art Trail is happening, you do not want to miss it. It has many different venues coming together to have wine, food, and of course many types of art. It is free to go to, but it can cost some if you are going to drink wine, beer, or enjoy some of the great food that they have every month. It is pretty busy so I would recommend getting there early. For a list of locations, visit their website here. 

Bonus: Science Spectrum 

Here is the bonus just for the kids. Science spectrum is a great place to take the kids and let them play and learn at the same time. My family has a membership which will pay for itself if you go more than two or three times a year. The Science Spectrum also has the omni theater where you can go and see some very interesting documentaries on their dome screen. It does cost to get into the museum and theater, but your kids will have a blast. 

If you are in Lubbock to live or just on vacation, don't miss out on the Culture around you. Lubbock is full of culture if you know where to find it.  

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