A Lubbock man involved in a deadly shooting made his plea during the trial. 53-year-old Kennon Shaw was arrested back in March of 2022 after an altercation between him and Joseph Burks occurred.

Shaw was captured on video surveillance from a gentleman's club, Angelwitch Cabaret, where he entered the club with a regular visitor but started acting out towards the dancers. Joseph Burks worked at the gentleman's club and due to Shaw's actions was forced to tell him to leave.

KAMC news reports that this is when the altercation occurred and Shaw fired a shot at Burks and then at the club manager. The manager was not struck but Burks did suffer injuries from a gunshot wound. Shaw did flee from the gentleman's club but had paper buyers tags. Shaw did leave the Lubbock area and went on the run before being captured in Austin just a week after the incident occurred.

Kennon Shaw, Lubbock County Detention Center
Kennon Shaw, Lubbock County Detention Center

During his trial Shaw did plead guilty to the murder of Joseph Burk and could face up to life in prison but will not be sentenced until late August. Burks family did state that he was a single father to a 5-year-old son.

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