I instantly knew the voice.

Over the years I've gotten pretty good and recognizing people by their voices. I guess I just hear the different inflections and tones. I can also call out a faker pretty quickly. I was very surprised when I heard a 100-megawatt celebrity talking about "power in Lubbock".

So yes, that very much is Texas superstar Mathew McConaughey exposing the virtues of switching to Reliant Energy on a new commercial. This is nothing new for McConaughey who has actually been the "voice" of Reliant Energy since 2012. Still, it's pretty cool to hear him in an ad specifically targeting Lubbock.

Now, while I think it's "cool", I'm not 100% sure that Reliant did their homework. A LOT of people around here have a problem with McConaughey due to his close association with the University Of Texas sports programs. Myself, I can get over that pretty dang quickly. I read McConaughey's biography and I found him to be such a humble and genuine person that I'd probably forgive him for hitting me in the face.

McConaughey's relationship with Reliant has been good for Texas. The energy company actually ponied up one million dollars to his "Just Keep Livin'" foundation to help folks after that big freeze (it should also be mentioned that Reliant actually donated three million total to the efforts).

I would expect that you'll be hearing a lot of ads about your ability to switch power companies. I am also hoping our own energy company, Lubbock Power & Light, will step up and improve their efforts so we can keep a bit more cash here in the Hub City, but in the meantime, Reliant is making one heck of a big impression.

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