For those of you who are new to online shopping, Amazon Prime Day may be a bit of a mystery. For regular users, it's a huge sale. It's like the "Black Friday" of shopping at Amazon.


Starting tonight (July 10) at 8 p.m. CST/9 p.m. Eastern and running for 30 hours, the online shopping service Amazon offers a ton of deals who have bought a Prime membership. Amazon's huge buying power makes some of these deals so good that the savings "pay" for the membership itself.

Now, this isn't an ad for Amazon. The fact is, you only truly "save" money if you're buying something you were going to buy anyways. You may not really need that set of bocce balls.

An Amazon Prime account will run you $99 dollars (but there are some other options). First and foremost, during the year an account offers you discounted or free shipping on a bunch of stuff, but they keep adding benefits. This year, Amazon Prime members will get to EXCLUSIVELY watch 10 Thursday night football games. If you want to know more, you can check out this partial list of benefits.

So, you will have some friends and neighbors gloating about a great deal on a TV (about 90 million were sold last year) or something. At least you have a heads up on what the fuss is over.

Watch your wallet! Like I said, a deal is only as good as your need for the item.

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