I really try to avoid politics at all costs, but sometimes you have no choice in the matter. Especially when it comes to budget time and what the City of Lubbock needs to do to keep the city in good repair.

The City wants to go to a pay-as-you-go type system with their budget instead of financing major projects. I'm all for that, as previous mayors and councils have financed us into serious debt. That's debt that won't get paid off until I'm well into my 70s or beyond.

Around $800 million will be divided up amongst numerous city departments.

One area that I am truly hoping for is street repair.

There are a number of intersections in both busy and residential areas that have been severely neglected over the years

The City has mentioned equipment used for street repair, but what about the streets themselves?

One intersection that has not seen any love in years is 35th and Boston. All they do it patch the holes after it rains. Then, the holes come back. This is an example of an intersection that needs to be dug up and completely repaired. There are examples like this all over Lubbock.

So, Mayor Pope and Councilmembers -- do the right thing and let's get the streets fixed instead of putting band-aids on them.

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