There was a time very recently that I was disappointed in Coach Kingsbury, and it had nothing to do with his record.

I don't feel like there was an adequate explanation or punishment this year when four Texas Tech players were involved in a mini-riot on Main Street. This wasn't the first time one of the players was in trouble, either. Then again, I'm not the cops or the school. But to us outsiders, it sure seemed like the good ol' boy network was protecting kids who wouldn't have got that protection if they weren't football players.

Now, we have an out-of-town newspaper suggesting we hire Art Briles, who has been involved in a huge scandal of his own.

Coach Briles may or may not be innocent, but that's up to him to prove. We went the career rehab route with Bobby Knight, and it was not an overly fun experience for anyone. From what I've read, I'd take a busload of Bobby Knights over one Art Briles.

I also truly believe a hire like that would split the Texas Tech fanbase down the middle and alienate all of the female fans Coach Kingsbury brought to the sport during his tenure here.

In short, hiring someone who is accused of much, much worse than Mike Leach was accused of would say some very bad things about Texas Tech University. Winning is good, winning at all costs is detestable.

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