The bird recovered at the South Plains Wildlife Rehab Center and was ready to return to nature.

They do some great work at the Center. Their mission statement says it all:

To provide humane care and rehabilitation to orphaned, ill, injured and displaced wildlife. The goal of our rehabilitation program is to release these animals back to the wild.

To provide environmental education, using a rational approach to appreciation and conservation of natural resources for future generations. The emphasis is on wildlife as a natural resource.

After almost a year in rehab, this Red Tailed Hawk is safely released near Terry County this week by a Texas Game Warden. After being rehabilitated by a properly-licensed facility, South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, it was purposely released near water and trees. This is a happy ending for a wild animal who was found with debilitating injuries.Learn more about wildlife rehabilitators on our web site at and remember that in many cases, leaving uninjured baby animals in place is often the best advice. More details on that are at

Posted by Texas Game Wardens on Monday, August 17, 2015


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