Vice President Joe Biden was in Houston today to address a national civil rights convention.

Biden spoke at the NAACP National convention a day after Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney spoke to the group.

Romney was booed during his speech yesterday when he said he would repeal ObamaCare. Biden spoke to the convention about President Barack Obama saving the economy by making tough decisions.

Biden said, “When the economy was about to go over the cliff, I watched him make some of the toughest decisions any President has had to make since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He saved the nation’s financial system and doing so he prevent a worldwide depression.

The Vice President also alluded to a conspiracy by the Republicans to obstruct President Obama’s agenda with little to no support for many of the administrations initiatives.

Biden said of the Republicans, “Their discipline is amazing. They have never let up. But neither has my guy, neither has Barack Obama. He has not given up. He continues to be driven by the character of his convictions. Folks, in the end, that’s what the presidency is all about.”