On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, candidate for U.S. Senator Dwayne Stovall talked with Chad Hasty about his campaign for the Senate.

A small business owner and family man, Stovall described himself as an average Texan with a strong interest in the U.S. Senate. He says that position of U.S. Senator has become grossly misused, and that a senator's job is to look out for their state' respective interest, not the interests of the federal government.

"...the most abused and misused position at the federal level is the U.S. Senator's seat. Their job is only to look after the best interests of their state. They're not supposed to look after the best interest of the federal government. And historically speaking, they generally have. And Senator Cornyn has been a poster child for looking after the best interests of the federal government."

When compared to his opponent, the incumbent Senator John Cornyn, Stovall claimed that Cornyn was a nationalist, while he was a staunch federalist. He berated Cornyn for voting in favor of raising the national debt ceiling multiple times, and accused him of looking out for the federal government's interests instead of the state of Texas. Stovall said that senators need to start standing up against the federal government, or the debt will never go away.

Stovall also shared his thoughts on Obamacare, saying that there is no constitutional authority for the government to get involved in health care. For more information on Dwayne Stovall and his campaign for U.S. Senator, visit his website at texansforstovall.com.

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