According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, there are over 130 distilleries in Texas. Those distilleries are producing great Texas spirits like vodka, tequila, rum, gin, and of course whiskey.

When it comes to Texas Whiskey, there are now many competing to be the best in the Lone Star State. But one started it all in Texas and it's a name that is now known all over the U.S. for producing fantastic bourbon whiskey.

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The oldest legal bourbon whiskey distillery is located in the Texas Hill Country in a town named Hye. Garrison Brothers was founded in 2005 and was granted the first stiller's permit for bourbon outside of Tennessee and Kentucky. While they may be the oldest bourbon distillery in Texas, that doesn't mean they are all that old.

In fact, according to, the first bottle of Garrison Brothers wasn't released until 2010. Since then, they have had all types of new and craft whiskey releases. Those include the Cowboy Bourbon, Balmorhea, Laguna Madre, Lady Bird, and the Guadalupe.


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Garrison Brothers has won many awards since their launch and there is no reason to think they won't win more in the future. When it comes to spirits and Texas whiskey, Garrison Brothers is owed a lot of thanks for what they have done for the industry.

If you haven't tried Garrison Brothers yet, or maybe its been a while. Pour yourself a drink and cheers!


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