It turns out there are several great reasons why it's the season to wax your car, and it's not just for show. We learned a lot when we talked to Larry Williams at Williams Brake Tune and Tire.

Waxing not only adds a shiny coat and a better finish to your car, but it actually, when done properly, removes the old, dull build up, oxidation, and the winter sludge and it makes it so the spring-summer bugs, dirt and mud don't stick. Plus, it makes your car's paint last longer, and helps your car look new again.

You can even wax your car's windshield so the bugs don't stick to your windshield as much and even a light rain can slide right off. How great is that?

So if you're feeling energetic one nice spring day you might want to think about spending some quality time waxing your car. Or, if that's not likely to fit into your busy schedule, think about having it done at a detail shop.

So now we know. Waxing can help keep your car healthy and more efficient, and isn't just for show. Many thanks to Larry Williams for the education on waxing.

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