I've been teaching a young lady to drive and it has really been eye-opening.

Some of you are terrible drivers. I don't know what happened or how you passed the test, but I suspect payoffs or fake IDs. You can't really call what you take to the streets 'driving skills' unless we're talking about bumper cars.

Some of the rest of you suffer from the exact opposite, which is overconfidence. Since you're all hopped up from watching F9 you think it's safe to execute maneuvers that shouldn't happen in real life.

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Then, there's the Average Joe driver who's just trying to get from point A to point B without the other two types of drivers killing them. We just motor along, shaking our heads at the tomfoolery out there.

Put all three of these together and you have a witch's brew of traffic nightmares. Here's some of the worst of Lubbock's drivers that I've encountered...just this week!

5 Types of Bad Drivers You Run Into in Lubbock

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