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Well, that didn't take long did it? Former Vice President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that Senator Kamala Harris would be his running mate and before you could read the entire tweet, the mainstream news media was already doing all they could to make sure Biden and Harris make it to the White House.

The defense of Harris actually started before Biden's official announcement. Days before the announcement, national newsrooms received an email from a Democrat organization warning that they would be watching how media organizations cover Biden's Vice Presidential pick throughout the election. According to FOX News, the group called "We Have Her Back" warned about what they see as the media's role in this year's election.

“Given how few women have reached this point, the sometimes disappointing coverage of the process to date and the double standards we’ve seen in the public and media expectations of women leaders over the years - and even more so for Black and Brown women leaders - we wanted to respectfully share some thoughts with you about the media’s role in the scrutiny and coverage of women and women of color candidates in general, and the vice-presidential candidate in particular,” the letter continued.


The letter then emphasized changes that newsrooms have made in the wake of George Floyd’s Memorial Day death in police custody, such as “including more Black people and people of color on the front lines of reporting and behind the scenes producing and editing” and urged media industry leaders to do the same thing when covering Biden’s running mate.


“A woman VP candidate, and possibly a Black or Brown woman candidate, requires the same kind of internal consideration about systemic inequality as you undertook earlier this year,” the letter said. “Anything less than full engagement in this thoughtful oversight would be a huge step backwards for the progress you have pledged to make to expand diversity of thought and opportunity in your newsrooms and in your coverage.”

Not very subtle.

And that's where we started. A Democrat group warning the media about sexism and racism. Then on on Tuesday Joe Biden announces his selection of Harris on Twitter. Only about an hour afterwards, the New York Times tweets out an opinion piece about Kamala Harris labeling her a "pragmatic moderate".

A Senator from California who embraces the Green New Deal is now a moderate? That doesn't seem right. The Washington Post got in on the action on Wednesday with a tweet labeling Harris a "small-c conservative".

If that wasn't enough, ABC's George Stephanopoulus declared Harris a "middle of the road, from the moderate wing" of the Democratic Party. As FOX News points out, during Harris' failed Presidential campaign, she championed positions that were neither conservative or moderate.

During her own presidential run, Harris expressed her support for the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all, decriminalizing illegal border crossings, and gun buybacks.

In fact a GovTrack analysis in 2019 ranked Kamala Harris as the most liberal Senator in the United States. More liberal than Elizabeth Warren. Even more liberal than the Democrat-Socialist Bernie Sanders. How does one get middle of the road moderate from that?

The answer of course is that the media is attempting to remake Kamala Harris. The mainstream media is all in on the Biden/Harris ticket and they are doing all they can to make the ticket non-threatening to most of America.

The press isn't even pushing back on the lack of Q&A time with Biden and Harris. Biden has spent the last few months in his basement rarely taking questions and you never hear the media complaining. On Thursday, Biden and Harris announced their support for a national mask mandate (put into place by Governors) for 3 months. Yet when the press conference ended, the duo didn't take questions. Still no complaining from the national media.

If you thought the press went east on former President Barack Obama, just get ready. The media is so far in the tank for Biden and Harris this year that Biden could probably spend the rest of the campaign in his basement and they would call him responsible and groundbreaking.

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