You know how when you buy a tube of toothpaste it comes out of the tube with those classic stripes? Most brands just place the different colors of paste next to each other in the tube to make the stripes. But what if you were to mix all the separate colors in the tube together before squeezing it?

You would expect that the colors would all just blend and the stripes would go away, but apparently, that is not the case. After some experimenting, TikToker Ryan Battistella discovered that no matter how much you mix up the toothpaste, it will still come out of the tube stripped.

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This concept has completely bamboozled everyone that has come across it. So much so that people are claiming the videos must be staged and they aren’t using the mixed-up tubes of toothpaste. This lead Battistella to make more videos cutting open Colgate tubes, mixing them up, and even showing the nozzle from the inside to prove that there aren’t any dividers or anything separating the paste.

There are even other TikTokers testing it out for themselves to see if it is really true.

The only thing mixing up the toothpaste does is make the white paste turn grey, but the black stripes remain. This has everyone puzzled and requesting Colgate to explain how this is happening.

Colgate has yet to respond to any of these videos. Hopefully, they will respond soon, explain how the stripes remain, and put this mystery to rest.

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