Stormin' Norman is a good friend to 102.5 KISS FM and FMX, and I was not well when I saw this posted earlier today.

This really annoys the crap out of me. Norman has been feeding the hungry folk of Lubbock for a while, and he works VERY hard doing it. (I recommend the brisket burger.)

It may not be the prettiest food truck in Lubbock, but to steal a hard-working man's generator, a generator he has to use to feed not only others but his own family, is low.

If you took this generator (or you know who has it) and your ill-gotten gain has gotten to you, please call me at KISS FM at 806-798-7078. You can return it to us anonymously and we will get it back to Norman. And if you know who might have done this, you can call the Lubbock Police Department.

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