Four people kidnapped a woman and held her for captive for three days, forcing her to take part in a bizarre ritual.

KXAN reports she was forced to ingest drugs and they apparently conducted a "blood ritual" on the victim according to police.

The report goes on to say the blood ritual was a form of witchcraft where they cut her hair and drew blood from the 25-year-old victim.

Authorities believe that 32-year-old Mercedes Salazar (pictured above) was the "ringleader" behind the kidnapping. Apparently, Salazar believes the woman played a role in the August killing of her brother.

The victim eventually escaped after a captor untied her to let her get a drink. She was able to call her mother, who then contacted the police.

Salazar is being held on charges that include aggravated kidnapping. The other three were also arrested and charged with a variety of crimes.

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