Tone Loc is coming to Lubbock and he's bringing Young MC and DJ Born.

That's the perfect announcement video. I love Brooklyn 99.

Back to Tone Loc, if you're unfamiliar, Tone Loc is the first ever rapper to go platinum after one of his first singles Wild Thing was certified double platinum after being released on his debut album. That album, Loc-ed After Dark, also featured Funky Cold Medina. That song also went platinum.

This song is an absolute banger and samples Aerosmith's Jamie's Crying, which makes it even better for me.

Tone Loc would put out one more album, Cool Hand Loc, but would stop making albums after that. He was in many television shows and movies from the early 90s through 2014.

One of his other major accomplishments is his song, Ace in the House, which was featured in the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Tone Loc's debuted his first album in 1989 and his second dropped in 1991. Coincidentally, Texas Tech's last loss to Baylor in Lubbock was in 1990. So, since Tone Loc's last album was released, Texas Tech is undefeated in Lubbock against the Baylor Bears.

Baylor and Texas Tech are both 4-3 heading into this weekend with Tone Loc, Patrick Mahomes, a blackout, a night game, and Joey McGuire's past with Baylor all looming. The atmosphere should be incredible and I can't wait for the scenes of the Raider Alley concert at 4:30 with Tone Loc spilling into the Jones for the Kickoff at 6:30.

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