The Texas Tech football team felt incredibly flat ever since Kliff Kingsbury stopped doing his Too Turnt University bit sometime in 2017. That magic feeling of true excitement felt lost with no hope of finding the spark. Even when people talked about being optimistic in the last several seasons, it was pointing out individual players.

'Man, Erik Ezukanma is going to be great this year.'

'Jordyn Brooks is the best linebacker in the Big 12!'

'That transfer might make a real impact.'

So on and so forth.

While the 2022 offseason has its fair share of people pointing out the potential in individuals like Tyree Wilson and Myles Price, the program has incredible buzz as a team for the first time in forever. The players said there was a family atmosphere this season. New head coach Joey McGuire talks about it every chance he gets.

But that's all just talk, right? We won't get to see the payoff until the season starts.

That is, of course, unless you're paying attention. The Goin' Band from Raiderland stopped by Texas Tech's football practice today and the football team went absolutely wild to the band playing one of the most played tunes in the history of marching bands.

Sure, they played the hell out of it, but the football team just wanted to make the band feel appreciated, so they hyped them up.

Donovan Smith, sounding like a team leader, then gave a rousing speech about doing it together. Where the football team, the band, the fans all win on Saturdays at The Jones together.

Sure, it's just the football team acting goofy with the band. But if you pull a Rafiki and looook haaaarrrder, then you'll see a team with chemistry and a genuine love for each other and their band.

Texas Tech Will Go 5-7 if the FPI is Correct

The ESPN FPI, or the Football Power Index, is a mathematical formula like they have in any other league. It claims to, "measure a team's true strength on net points scale; expected point margin vs average opponent on a neutral field." according to ESPN. The projected results are based on 20,000 simulations of the rest of the season using the FPI as a model. The preseason projections are incomplete because a large piece of the puzzle is results that have already happened, impacting the remaining schedule. So, based on half the puzzle, Texas Tech is projected to get wins in five of their games. These projections change daily once the season starts, but it's good to get a baseline on what is analytically expected of you heading into the season.

Texas Tech Football Media Day 2022

Joey McGuire's first media day.

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