A Texas State Representative is praising another school district which has voted to allow certain employees access to handguns on campus.

The Childress ISD School board voted last night to allow select school employees access to weapons in a secure location on campus.

Childress ISD becomes the third school district in their area to pass a measure resulting in guns on campus, joining Harold and Quanah ISDs.

“I am proud that three of the only school districts in the State of Texas to allow this are in my district,” said District 68 Texas State Representative Drew Springer.

“It makes no sense to limit the places where law-abiding citizens can carry their concealed handguns,” Springer continued. “Citizens with concealed handgun permits are amongst the most responsible, law abiding people in the state, so it only makes sense they be permitted to volunteer in this capacity.”

Springer has been involved with bills regarding concealed carry, including co-authoring legislation to allow school board members and superintendents to carry firearms at school board meetings, and legislation to allow students to carry on college campuses.

A press release from Springer’s office says that other school districts in HD68 plan to enact similar policies in the coming months.