I recently made a trip to Austin and back, and the condition of the roads across Texas is terrible.

Roads are one thing that our politicians should be able to figure out. While the current group out of Austin focuses on hot-button issues that are basically meaningless in the grand scheme of things, our roads have deteriorated.

If I don't like what a teacher is teaching, I can buy books or teach my kids myself. I can help decide what funding our local police receive. I can, to some degree, even generate electricity with a generator when the politicians can't keep the juice on. I absolutely, positively cannot build roads from town to town.

Not only did I make this trip to Austin, but I also made it hauling a trailer. The payload wasn't very heavy, but the potholes would actually cause the trailer to lift up off the ground. There were potholes in some of the highways as big as half of a basketball. On some of the transitions from access roads to highways, there were huge chunks of asphalt missing.

I don't know what kind of pet projects that politicians are putting their money into. I only know of the nonsense/non-issue garbage that they float out there for votes. Our roads have to be one of our top concerns, and we're not keeping pace with our crumbling infrastructure.

Our current leadership is terrible and is failing Texas. Roads should always be among the top priorities. Roads aren't sexy and they don't get you headlines, but they should be a basic building block of any political agenda.

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