"He didn't want to waste gas" was Chandler Bullen's reasoning for leaving his 8-week-old puppy in his car while he shopped at Walmart.

It was 100-degree weather in Manor, Texas, which means the temperature inside the car could have been as high as 130 degrees -- or higher. It could have been a slow, awful death for Annabelle if police hadn't been alerted by shoppers.

According to KXAN.com:

When police arrived, they said they could hear the puppy crying and panting and see it trying to hide under a rear passenger seat in an attempt to find shade.

The sun roof on the car was partially opened, so officers said they were able to use a tire iron to reach through and hit an unlock button to open the door and remove the puppy.

Officers said that the puppy was overheated, infested with fleas, had several lesions and appeared to be in poor condition.

This type of behavior is psychotic, and the overall condition of the puppy proves this person shouldn't be responsible for any other living creature.

Bullen could face up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine for Animal Cruelty. I hope he never, ever owns another animal again. I'm so grateful to the police that saved her life and took her away from this monster.

Here's hoping Annabell gets proper care and love she deserves in the future.

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