We all know that turtles are slow and not very agile, especially when it comes to climbing sheer concrete facings. This became painfully obvious at a park in Bedford, Texas.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported Thursday that the recently-remodeled Bedford Boys Ranch Lake has now been lined with concrete with steep embankments. Those embankments have made it difficult to impossible for resident turtles and ducks to exit the water.

So in an effort to help these adorable little animals, city workers devised three exit ramps to enable them to easily get in and out of the water.

Bedford City Spokeswoman Natalie Foster said the original renovation plans called for one exit ramp, but that city workers realized it just wasn't enough.

Foster added that the ramps are ideal for wildlife, but not big enough to be used as boat ramps.

Further renovations to the park include a new playground, fishing piers and a disc golf course. No word on whether these will be for humans or wildlife, yet.